Fat chicks dating in cleveland

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for a compilation of all the clues and theories about The Mother! I saw every episode when it originally aired, and I watch the reruns all the time. Message received, unfortunately. Note — Ted remembered this moment incorrectly. Not surprisingly, Barney did not say this — Lily did. Was it my fat cousin Lindsay? We want the girl to above this line, also known as the Vicki Mendoza diagonal.

This girl I dated, she played jump rope with that line. When he says that she shaved her head, he moves the point over to the left, indicating that she is less crazy but not any more or less hot. When he says that she stabbed him with a fork, he moves the point up and over, indicating that she was crazier AND hotter.

Then for the boob job he keeps the same level of hotness, but makes her less crazy. Point being, Barney sucks at graphing. He should have consulted with Marshall, obviously. She gobbled up hot wings, and swallowed the bones…Beneath her might hooves, the floorboards did crack.

BTW, 16 stone is about pounds — certainly overweight, but not morbidly obese and automatically revolting like he implies in his poetry.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

I am the Bill and Melinda Gates of the sympathy bang. The cute girl in question was played by Katy Perry, who is not fat or ugly. The funny part is that Barney would probably enjoy a tumble in bed with a BBW. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence suggesting that overweight women are better in bed than their slim counterparts. I also read once in psych class that overweight women the ones in this study, at least are less inhibited in the bedroom. Hopefully he will be stunned by her prowess and sex appeal and then maybe lay off the fat chick shit talking.

I expect better from the writers of my favorite show! Another good point. But Robin did still go out on a date with Mitch, and I have to wonder if Ted or Barney would even give a similar girl the time of day. Well, maybe Ted would, but surely not Barney. The constant womanizing is used to make him similar to a cartoon character, to add humor to the storyline. You have to take his parts lightly. But honestly, you would think they would have him chase a thicker, curvier woman once in awhile! Sass seems like she might just be pretty unhappy with herself, what with her angry comments and all.

I enjoy intelligent discourse, but you have to actually make sense for that to work. Still, very sassy, so good job sticking to your anonymous screen name. Can i ask though, if you recognise that being overweight is unattractive, Fat chicks dating in cleveland it is established through countless forms of evidence that is not healthy and life shortening, why not put conscious effort into losing weight?

I have a degree in Psychology so I understand that there can be psychological disorders and that these things stack, but as someone who has an addictive personality and the willpower to keep a curb on that, why not restrict your diet and exercise more? If I were to take it personally, I would need to address all of the jokes about dumb slutty women, which can also be a bit grating at times. But the fat stuff comes from multiple characters, and they just seem like cheap shots.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

Really, anyone can write a joke about how fat women are unappealing. As to the other part of your comment — first, thank you for asking a legit question and phrasing it tactfully. That is always appreciated! The short answer is that I have put a conscious effort into losing weight, with very little success. Part of it is totally my fault, for sure, but there are lots of factors in play. I was raised being comforted by food, and offered it as a form of entertainment.

The other factors are dealing with pretty intense depression, which sometimes in me not even getting out of bed all day. Not very condusive to the goal of weight loss, ya know? Some days are still bad, with me struggling to get the motivation and willpower to do things like call my parents or prepare breakfast.

At one point I had no health insurance, and was dealing with several family members dying all at once, and I was in complete robot mode, just shut off emotionally for the purposes of being able to function. Food was one of the only things that actually made me feel better during that period of time. But other stuff is just me, and mainly that I have somewhat given up in recent years. I admire your ability to maintain willpower in light of an addictive personality — I have not done so well in that regard!

Being a big guy, I was picked on in School and still am on occasion. Barney can be somewhat of a dick at certain times. That Would be Legen- Wait for it -dary! I stumbled across this in a google search. Yes, I have noticed the fat shaming and that Marshall put on a few pounds and nobody cares.

Size 14 is now an average size. Why are they completely invisible on a show that is otherwise awesome? I am also bothered by the lack of diversity among the extras, smaller roles, etc. In terms of size and body shape, we see very little variation among the women. There are occasionally chubby guys — Dana the guy who helped Barney and Ted lick the liberty bell it tasted like freedom! In terms of plus size women, though…I got almost nothing. Seriously, the only example Fat chicks dating in cleveland comes to mind is the fictional? Beyond that, though, is an unsettling lack of diversity in terms of ethnicity.

The vast majority of characters are some shade of white. Sometimes Barney goes after a black woman, or recalls one as his runs down his list of conquests, but ate generally it. Granted, there are a few characters that are noted as — or at least appear Fat chicks dating in cleveland be — Hispanic or Asian. Or Lithuanian.

Or Estonian. Barney might be disgusted by the fatties his words not mine but his ethnic preferences are pretty diverse. If anyone remembers another plus size female character will you please let me know? Oh and thanks again for commenting! I think both of those characters arrived after I wrote that post. And also…. Thanks Corina! I was wondering if anyone else had the same feeling as me.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

I watch a lot of TV and while most TV shows show unrealistic images of women, this is the first like this that just seems to be ok to come out and say it and I feel really let down. This show has more fat jokes than most other shows I watch. Did you see my post about how the Patrice and Barney fake relationship was insulting to fans?

I think you might agree with some of the points I made there as well. I really dislike when Ted tells the jokes in particular. Well actually when any of them…Lily and Robin are portrayed as typical mean girls that are cruel to women less attractive than them — or any woman that they see as a threat.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

But still they show him, presumably the nicest person on the show, making fat jokes. And Ted, for all his talk of being a nice guy looking for a nice girl, has no business going there.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

I completely agree with you and AnnD. HIMYM is so funny in many ways, but the immature jokes at the expense of larger women are really quite hurtful.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

And there is a ridiculous double standard on TV. I note the point has been made that Marshall gains weight and it goes unnoticed by everyone, while jokes continue to be aimed at overweight women by the other characters.

It reminds me of Friends. This discrimination against larger women reinforces negative body images, which in turn contributes to the alarming prevalence of eating disorders and mental ill-health e. If larger women are to feel empowered, confident and accepted, they need to be represented fairly in the media, and that means taking a more respectful approach on shows like HIMYM.

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

Thanks for the article. But TV is such a cyclical part of our pop culture, in that it both reflects and defines soceity for us. So if we make changes on what is shown on TV, it can influence changes in the world! Some people think TV is just for the lazy and easily entertained but I have seen it be a one way mirror that benefits many people in their own homes.

Seeing things that are different, from the safety of your living room, gives you a way to acclimate yourself to new people and things. Anyway, off my soapbox. It just seems stupid to insult overweight people when they have to make up a considerable portion of your viewing demographic. Then again, I keep watching, so I have to take responsibility for my end of it. But it would have been nice to see him say, hey, fat women are people too, how about that. If I produced a show or acted in it I would be so embarassed to tell fat jokes when there overweight people on the cast or crew.

When you mentioned sitcoms with overweight husbands and model like wives, King of Queens came to mind. And viewers commented on her weight to. Do they not understand that there are several women who probably weigh much more than that who watch the show?

Fat chicks dating in cleveland

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