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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Little is known about the motivations for an occasional sexual encounter with a man or a transgender woman among heterosexual men. This study employed qualitative methods to better understand occasional atypical sexual partnering. Open-ended interviews were conducted with 31 heterosexual men who reported at least one sexual encounter with a man or a transgender woman in the 12 months.

These findings indicated that, among this sample of heterosexual men, the motivations for occasional atypical sexual partnering with a man or a transgender woman were varied, complex and could be multifaceted. Furthermore, these findings support prior studies that have demonstrated that sexual behavior can span beyond sexual identity. These terms are not mutually exclusive as an occasional sex partner is, almost always, also a casual sex partner.

Some theorists have used an evolutionary Lady wants casual sex New Harmony for why men tend to have more casual sexual partners and more uncommitted sexual encounters than women, suggesting that biologically and evolutionarily humans are driven to reproduce as many offspring as possible. Others suggest that hormone differences for the gender disparities in the desire for casual sex as most men produce higher levels of testosterone, they tend to have a higher sexual desire and more casual sex partners see van Anders, for challenges to this assumption.

Historically, interest in casual sex has been more socially and culturally acceptable for men than women Reiss, However, less is known about adult men who continue to have casual sexual encounters past young adulthood. Furthermore, findings demonstrated that men in the study deemed casual sexual partners as unsuitable for a long-term, emotionally committed relationship. Others reported strong religious practices or ideology that may have inhibited a non-heterosexual identity. Some of the men explained that they frequented the venue from which they were recruited — a trans-specific bar — at least weekly, suggesting that their interest in sexual encounters with trans women was not a fleeting or occasional interest.

Occasional sex, in particular, is an understudied area of exploration; occasional sex with an atypical sexual partner is even less researched.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

For the purpose of this study, occasional sex was operationalized as having at least one such sexual encounter in the year, but not more than one per month. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 31 participants; inclusion criteria for study participation was: 1 male, and identifies as heterosexual; 2 has had sex with a non-primary man or a trans woman at least once in the year; 3 did not have sex with a non-primary man or trans woman more than once a month; 4 18 years of age or older; 5 resides in Los Angeles County; 6 had the ability to conduct an interview in English; and 7 was willing to provide voluntary informed consent.

Potential participants were recruited through flyers placed in adult bookstores, sex shops, video stores, parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, and laundromats and through collaborating social service agency referrals. Recruitment materials referred interested individuals to a toll-free phone Lady wants casual sex New Harmony.

All potential participants were screened over the phone by the field researcher who conducted a brief conversation with the caller to inform him about the research project and answer questions regarding the study, and, if he was still interested, eligibility was then determined. If the caller was both interested in participating and eligible to participate, an appointment was scheduled to review the Consent to Participate Form and to conduct the interview.

After providing written consent, study participants filled out a brief demographic questionnaire and then began the qualitative interview. The Friends Research Institute, Inc. Institutional Review Board provided oversight of all study activities. Interviews were conducted by a trained field researcher and ranged from 1 to 3 hours. The interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed by a professional transcriber who was bound to confidentiality.

Each study participant selected a pseudonym for purposes of anonymity. The audio-recorded interviews were transcribed verbatim, reviewed for accuracy, and edited to remove identifying information. To ensure coder reliability, a first-level coding scheme was developed by the principal investigator and a qualitative data analyst independently after each had listened to the audio recordings, reviewed the transcripts, and written interview notes.

Interview data content areas were identified and classified by topic. After comparing codes and reviewing inconsistencies, a final thematic coding scheme was developed by which all transcripts were coded.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

Quotations that best represented each theme were selected from the database for inclusion in this article. Several participants explained that male-female relationships with a cisgender female seemed taxing and voiced displeasure with the complications of male-female sexual politics. Tensions and expectations, they explained, were inherent in such interactions as cisgender females were sexually, socially, materially, and emotionally more demanding than an occasional man or trans woman sexual partner.

The increased effort to acquire a cisgender female sexual partner, they concluded, was not worth the investment when seeking more immediate sexual satisfaction. Anthony explained the effort he had experienced when approaching a cisgender woman compared to a trans woman:. Jackson: Why bullshit and beat around the bush and put all this other shit on it all the time? You can bullshit and you can be doing it and be done on about your business. To me it [dating a cisgender woman] is just a lot of wasted time and energy and effort.

Paul: [Partnering with a man] alleviates all the other extra baggage that I have to deal with, with the attitudes, and all the different characteristics that women have. Jacob explained anticipating the immediacy of a sexual encounter with a trans woman:. Similarly, Jerry, who occasionally met a male partner through the Internet, worked long hours and, therefore, felt that he did not have time to date a woman. A male sexual partner was viewed as more available, accessible, and easy to meet compared to a cisgender female sexual partner.

So, if I turn on my computer, there could be something within the next hour, or midnight tonight. Many participants reported seeking a sexual encounter with this partner type precisely because the sexual interaction was devoid of an emotional connection. They reported feeling little obligation to satisfy their partner sexually as the sexual encounter was solely about their satisfaction. For most, sexual contact was detached from emotional or relational connection with the partner; thus communication and intimacy would Lady wants casual sex New Harmony kept to a minimum.

The participants described engaging in sex that was detached from the partner and single-focused, and thus the partner was easily discarded. This was manifested by leaving immediately following sexual gratification, limiting conversation or not speaking at all, limiting eye contact, and avoiding kissing:. I got to go. I take off. It was nice, thank you, yeah, yeah, yeah, bye. Acquiring sexual partners can be challenging, time-consuming, and often involves courting, dating, and other intimate gestures.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

Some participants expressed the belief that cisgender women were less likely to engage in sexual activities and, at the same time, were more likely to be demanding. The oral, the kinky stuff that goes along with it. To Phillip, an occasional sexual encounter with a trans woman served as the means to fulfil his sexual fantasy and to participate in the type of sexual activity that seemed impossible or undesirable with a wife or girlfriend.

Many participants stated they felt less inhibited and, therefore, better able to explore their sexual desires. Jacob: Basically, transsexuals [sic] are more sexually liberal. Variety was desired as Jackson compared his atypical sexual partner to trying a different ice cream flavor:.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

Jackson: I guess [I like] the variety. Every once in a while I like the change.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

Like some people got rushes to jump out of planes. Despite ongoing sexual relations with a cisgender woman a girlfriend or a wifethese occasional sexual encounters filled a void, fulfilled a fantasy, offered variety, or satisfied an urge. Most of the participants who did not have a current girlfriend or wife described a desire for a cisgender female partner and, ultimately, an ongoing heterosexual relationship with a cisgender woman. Sam: I really have to be hard up. When a cisgender woman was not perceived as a realistic option, these participants explained that they would compromise their primary sexual partner type and engage in a sexual encounter with an atypical sexual partner type.

As such, their occasional sexual partner could provide the emotional and sexual satisfaction, albeit momentary, that they ly received from a girlfriend or wife. When he felt lonely, he hoped for companionship with a cisgender woman, but compromised with an occasional sexual encounter with a man or a trans woman:. From their perspective, cisgender women desired a man who is housed, employed, and healthy. Participants perceived that cisgender women were less accepting of a man whose lifestyle includes homelessness, substance use, HIV infection, and unemployment.

Jacob, who occasionally chose a trans woman sexual partner, described this belief:. I think transgenders are more accepting of people like that. Terry: My preference would be a woman. Like Terry and Jacob, these participants viewed their occasional sexual partnerships as Lady wants casual sex New Harmony until their circumstances changed. In both cases, he viewed sex with a man as temporary, a reliable second choice, until his current situation financial or romantic changed.

Two-thirds Following their release, they continued to view a man or a trans woman as an acceptable second choice sexual partner. Fred: I needed a woman. Never in their life would they understand this because you have to be put in the situation where I am using a man as a woman.

Lady wants casual sex New Harmony

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