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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentence Discreet Discreet sentence example discreet. I imagine if there are aliens, they've been discreet for a reason. They were at another discreet location, this one nestled between the peaks of two mountains.

He specializes in discreethighly contained domestic counter insurgency and counterterrorism operations. They refused to regard Luther as in any way their leader, or even to recognize him as a discreet person. She was already growing impatient, and stamped her foot, ready to cry at his not coming at once, when she heard the young man's discreet steps approaching neither quickly nor slowly.

They sat dutifully, sharing the pillow, and were calm for several moments before a discreet elbow match broke out between them. You are not the only one who knows how to be discreet. The French language was to be enriched by a development of its internal resources and by discreet borrowing from the Latin and Greek. Some of their followers were less discreet. Others despised humans, but the fact that this one hesitated to abandon the woman to her fate told Jule more than the most discreet of immortals probably intended.

The idea behind The Millionaire's Club is to provide a safe and discreet service for wealthy men who are looking for a partner. In a semblance of the penalty was still maintained: the offender being allowed Looking for my discreet escape from a burning hut through a crowd of snake-worshippers armed with clubs; if discreet in his bribes, and lucky, he might reach running water and could purify himself there. Could've been a little more discreetbut it fits Rhyn's personality.

By threatening me, by condemning me, and finally, by seeking a discreet audience with me. You are not, under any circumstance to bleed a human dry, at least not yet. It is imperative, for the time being, that we are discreetpass through civilization undetected.

Looking for my discreet

If you need to nurse in public, but prefer to be discreet about it, then choose a bra with fasteners you can open without even looking. As you might expect, most of the retailers who specialize in selling panties for men make it a policy to ship their products in discreet brown paper packages. All orders arrive in unmarked packages, so the purchase is discreet.

Aware of his powers from a young age, Martha and Jonathan coached him to be discreetto keep them hidden and thus to keep him protected. I need to be discreet. Sometimes the head of the Council That Was Seven has to be discreet. Maybe next time we can be more discreet. He realized the superior qualities of his minister, though with a lively sense of his own dignity he often wished him more discreet and less imperious; he had confidence in him but did not love him.

She knew Andre to be discreetbut could even he withhold these secrets from Gabriel, the deity who raised him from the dead-dead? Gabriel sensed he was trying to balance his natural inclination to be discreet with his obligation to serve the deity that raised him from the dead-dead. Photographers are welcome but should remain discreet at all times during the service.

This film makes the body count of Hamlet look discreet. Elton's openness extends beyond finance, into his emotional life, a place which, again, tradition demands we Britons keep discreet. They offer discreetdurable and highly professional cards articulating your dietary needs to waiters and chefs. From the moment you are greeted by the liveried doorman, you will experience a cordial yet discreet welcome.

In fact we had a discreet guffaw regarding the matter when I met him on Saturday afternoon for High Tea. Notes on cards in copperplate handwriting in scented envelopes delivered by discreet footmen are how it should be. The commentary is relayed via a discreet heet linked to an infra-red system. Audio Pro Image Series Brochure pdf The super-slim Image 44 is one of the most discreet floor-standing loudspeakers available.

Behind that discreet green door lies the cozy, comfortable world of Searcy's Roof Garden Bedrooms, a surprisingly peaceful central London oasis. Cookie tins were one of the most discreet ways of advertising rarely showing the company name or the product enclosed in a prominent position.

A life extravagantly in the morning of an evening in berlin stokes g. A discreet little spend time with. She's casually rock 'n ' roll in loose jeans and light blue shirt, discreet henna tattoos curling round her wrist and ankle. This discreettraditional trattoria is particularly appealing on a sunny day, when the courtyard is perfect for a peaceful lunch.

Small, discreet and very powerful multi speed vibrator, in a choice of colors to suit your mood. Swinger sailings offers more discreet alternative Looking for my discreet cruises and concentrates on providing individualized attention to passengers rather than hosting mass erotic parties on the high seas. This is discreeteasy-to-carry and easy-to-use. These tattoos tend to be on the medium-to-larger side simply because of the detail, but they can be pared down to just the silhouette of a woman's face with the word "Virgo" underneath for something smaller and more discreet.

Items are shipped to you in a nice gift box and wrapped in discreet plain shipping paper. Looking for my discreet there are many places online that allow you to shop for these specialty items from the discreet privacy of your own home. You should be able to easily open your bra with one hand, and without looking at it, for discreet nursing. The padding is similar in shape to a silicone insert, but it is made of fabric and slides down into a discreet pocket on the insides of the cups.

They are experienced and discreet and know how to create a beautiful woman. Shortly afterward, the United States began a discreet dialog with the PLO, which ushered in a hopeful peace process. It has slinky, adjustable straps a cute bow detail at the front and discreet DKNY branding at the back. There is no more discreet solution for a car or more effective solution for a motorcycle.

He seems to have been much indulged, and to have led a very pleasant life of it; he pleased himself in moderate excursions, frequented the theatre, mingled, though not very often, in society; was sometimes a little extravagant, and sometimes a little dissipated, but never lost the benefits of his Lausanne exile; and easily settled into a sober, discreetcalculating Epicurean philosopher, who sought the summum bonum of man in temperate, regulated and elevated pleasure. This charter provides for a mayor, eight aldermen and twelve assistants to constitute the common council, the mayor to be chosen by the council from the aldermen, the aldermen to be chosen from the assistants, and the assistants from the most sufficient and discreet of the inhabitants.

There he lived in discreetif melancholy retirement, writing "A Defence of the Main Principles of the Catholic Faith," and had apparently little hope of a further political career when the escape of Marie de' Medici from Blois, on the 2 2nd of Februaryagain opened paths for his ambition.

These "conversations," as he called them, were more or less informal talks on a great range of topics, spiritual, aesthetic and practical, in which he emphasized the ideas of the school of American Transcendentalists led by Emerson, who Looking for my discreet always his supporter and discreet admirer. Quantum theory goes back to a scientist Max Planck who in presented the theory that energy comes in discreet units called quanta.

Looking for my discreet

She 's casually rock 'n ' roll in loose jeans and light blue shirt, discreet henna tattoos curling round her wrist and ankle. It seems that a discreet veil had been drawn Looking for my discreet John Amery, just as it has over his father Leo 's Jewish origins. If you have a baby sling to carry your baby in, it can also be great for discreet breastfeeding. If mom breastfeeds or bottle feeds the baby before or after the ceremony, ask permission to take a discreet photo.

Nursing Bra Cami-The nursing bra cami that Leading Lady offers is a good choice if you want to be especially discreet about the fact that you are wearing a nursing bra. The package itself is pretty and discreet without disappearing into your makeup bag never to be found again in its dark depths.

Rose-Decorated Bottle: Feminine without going overboard, this bottle is decorated with a modest floral motif and studded with discreet rhinestones. It presents women with unexplored, unusual and enigmatic options aplenty, ranging from discreet and elegant to vibrant and dynamic. Discreet silver script and a contrasting black cap lend to its masculinity without taking away from the bottle's watery ambiance.

It's discreetsimple and not flashy in the least. Ask your colleagues, in a very discreet and non threatening way, to stop. A discreet strip of Mossy Oak camouflage on the bodice, camouflage lace, or inserted panels, are all options when choosing a woodsy gown.

The registry information can be placed in a discreet location or on a separate. Couples who use a wedding website to share news about their upcoming nuptials can include a discreet link to their gift lists on that website, but it should not be bold or prominent as if gifts are required. They can, however, opt for a travel registry if they are planning a second honeymoon, though it should be discreet and gifts should not be expected.

A dust ruffle Looking for my discreet aqua or blue trim is charming and discreet in its presence. The bangles fasten in the back with a discreet spring hinge mechanism. This is one man's accessory that's not trying to fade into the background and be discreet.

It goes without saying that the small knot is discreet. Bean describes this look as having plenty of room in the seat and legs, with a " discreet side-elastic" for "all-day comfort". Some styles have a pocket at the breast, while other styles feature a discreet logo instead. Opt for a dark shade that is embellished with a minimal print, like discreet checks or thin vertical stripes.

Instead of the attention-grabbing detail of the Pin Up dress, this one features two small black buttons and a more discreetthin black belt. You want your socks to be as discreet as possible. Since the bra is extremely lightweight and completely translucent, it offers very little by way of coverage and is not at all modest or discreet.

While discrimination laws make it illegal for an interviewer to ask your age, related questions, often discreetmay arise. You'll find both nearly discreet glasses with metal rims to bolder choices in plastic. Eyeglass frames tend to be falling into two these days: big, bulky, and plastic, for one; small, discreetwire, and partially rimless for the other.

Frames from the Polo Jeans Co. To top it off, there is incredible variety-bold styles, discreet metal styles, rectangular frames, oval frames, and more-all within this single line. Lindberg Air-X: These are discreetlightweight frames with stunning temples and understated fronts.

A magnetic clip is much more discreet and easier to keep in a purse or pocket at all times so there's no last-minute remembering necessary; the clip is just always there with you, just like a wallet and keys. Most heets today wrap around your head and have a small ear bud that fits directly inside your ear, making them discreet and secure. This problem is being combated with new braces that can be worn under the clothing and are more discreet than traditional braces.

Looking for my discreet

Longer models may be more comfortable for some users, while fingertip Looking for my discreet are smaller, more discreetand may be easier for some individuals to use. Dress it up by adding a few discreetwell-placed ornaments on the bun or near the temples. If a celebrity is pregnant, she must take extreme care to schedule doctor's appointments out of the public eye and be discreet with whom she shares her information.

You'll find that you can be discreet without being dull and ordinary. Be discreet and sensible when applying your sunscreen. This style is sure to garner plenty of attention as it hooks around the neck, features a provocative, yet discreet keyhole at the center of the chest, and thanks in large part to its ribbed look, distinctly molds itself to the body. Perhaps the most advantageous feature of this swim dress comes via the discreet tummy control panel; just looking at the suit gives no hint whatsoever that the style provides any kind of shapewear.

They might even be very discreetraised only an inch or so higher than the lowest point of the dress. The continual release of fragrance from the Glade Wisp makes it a pleasing candle for many locations, and the variety of scents available for this discreet candle make it perfect for any home. Portable and discreetthis small aroma diffuser is a safe alternative to open oils, lit candles, and other home fragrance products. The Scentbug was introduced in and quickly gained popularity because of its discreet de and easy portability.

De: The small, round de of the Scentbug is discreet and versatile. You can also request an online-only relationship, a discreet in-person encounter, or simply a chance to meet and see what happens. You can also specify what kind of encounter you want: 1-on-1 sex, group sex, a discreet relationship, or even a serious relationship. In some cases, you might decide to give the partnership a try - just remember to be discreetgo slow, and consider a new job if things really get going. This club is geared towards swingers that require a private and discreet sexual experience.

Looking for my discreet

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