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Written By: The Planet D. New Zealand. Updated On: July 29, There are so many things to do in New Zealand and we have tried them all! We have visited New Zealand four times and have personally done these top attractions. We originally wrote this New Zealand guide 10 years ago starting with 15 things, and has now grown to 46 of the top New Zealand experiences that we have personally done! We actually did all of these activities in New Zealand and can give you first-hand information on what to see and do in the country.

Although they make the list too! You can skip directly to the top things to do on each island:. Did you know New Zealand is known as the adventure capital of the world? This was the reason we were drawn to it in the first place. Each time we visit, we discover something new. Enjoy our favorite things to do based on what we experienced in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The South Island is where we spent the majority of our time on our first visit and we feel it is the best places to start when planning your trip.

The South Island of New Zealand is the larger of the two islands but has a lower population making for amazing backcountry adventures and unspoiled scenery. New Zealand may be the adventure capital of the world, but Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand.

This is the perfect place to make a base to take in all the top adventures in the country. From bunjy jumping to skydiving, Queenstown has everything you could ever want. We put this at the very Looking for something to do New Zealand of our list because no trip to New Zealand would be complete without doing a bungy jump. Bungee jumping was invented by AJ Hackett in Queenstown. In New Zealand, it is written as Bunjy jumping but the rest of the world prefers bungy jumping. Bungy Jumping is definitely one of the top things to do in New Zealand and there are many to choose from on the South Island and around the country.

The original Bridge Jump is the best for that authentic bungy jumping feel. The Ledge Bunjy offers the best view of Queenstown, and the terrifying Nevis Bungy located meters over the middle of a gorge is the third highest bungee in the world!

All are located in and around Queenstown! Milford Sound is the most famous tourist destination in New Zealand. A cruise through Milford Sound is a must when visiting the country. Its breathtaking fiords showcase some of the highest sea cliffs in the world. You can book a tour here. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most magical moments you will ever have in your life. We swam with them in the The Bay of Islands where we had the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins.

But that is no longer allowed due to government restrictions. I hear they became too domesticated. But you can still swim with dolphins in other parts of New Zealand. In Kaikoura, you swim with a larger pod but it is also a tour with more people too.

Looking for something to do New Zealand

Dolphin watching is a must and you can book this Get Your Guide dolphin and whale watching eco tour. One of the top most popular things to do is to go skydiving. There are many places all around the North Island and South Island.

Abel Tasman is probably the most iconic in the country since it has the highest jump in New Zealand. With skydive Abel Tasman you have the option to jump from 16, feet. Which naturally we had to do! If bunjy jumping is too much for you, try a gorge swing instead.

You can do a tandem swing or go on your own. You get to do this in pairs of two if you like! One of the more popular things to do in Queenstown is to go paragliding from the mountain above the city. Then soar feet above Queenstown for the most extraordinary view! We had a good minute Looking for something to do New Zealand and could keep catching the waves to go back up to our starting point rather than dropping quickly to the ground.

Paragliding over Queenstown was one of the highlights of my first trip to the country. Enjoy another Jetboat experience with the Underwater Observatory. The Queenstown Jetboat experience is probably the most popular jet boat ride in New Zealand going Looking for something to do New Zealand the canyones of the Shotover and Kawarau Rivers.

When you are in Queenstown, you must try a Ferburger. Ferberger is a Queenstown institution and no visit would be complete without giving it a try. These enormous class five rapids located just two hours from Christchurch was a thrill of a lifetime.

These waves were massive and at times. I fell out of the raft once, but our quick-thinking guide pulled me back in. After facing the giant whitewater, you can take it easy and jump from a 3 — 5 meter high ledge into some smaller rapids for some body surfing. If you want to experience what it is like to hike on a glacier, this is a good choice! We were suited up with thick woolly socks and boots suitable for crampons. They gave us a rain jacket and waterproof pants all we had to do was show up. Franz Joseph Glacier is close to Fox Glacier, so you can see both in a day! We feel that helicopter rides are one of the best ways to take in beautiful scenery and the South Island of New Zealand has some of the best scenery in the world.

So if there is one place to do it, it is here! But what is great about a helicopter tour to Franz Joseph is that you will land on the glacier and go on a trek with nobody else in sight to witness some of the most spectacular glaicer formations. Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand.

Sir Edmund Hillary trained here for his summit to Mount Everest! Located in Mount Cook National Park, it is easily accessible by road offering stunning views of peaks and glaciers. Another famous track on the South Island is the Routeburn Track.

See what it is like on our Best Treks in the world. While in the area of Queenstown, drive up to Wanaka to see the famous Wanaka Tree. Thanks to Instagram this sleepy town has gained popularity. But there is so much more to do in Wanaka than look at a tree. It is the perfect place for outdoor lovers. Surrounded by Mountains there is no shortage of hikes and outdoor adventures. Wanaka is also one of the best places in New Zealand to go skiing! When you are on the west coast of the country, be sure to get yourself a Greenstone gem. The town of Hokitika is famous for the green stone that washes up on the beaches.

If you find a good piece, you can bring them to a studio and someone will make a necklace for you. Greenstone in the shops is expensive, but if you walk around the markets, you will find some affordable pieces. Dave wears a Toki around his neck. Naturally, I gave one to Dave. Lake Tekapo is part of the Dark Sky Preserve and is an excellent place for camping. Spend the night and take in the stars. Besides being a historic site, it also offers a beautiful view of Lake Tekapo. One cannot appreciate the beauty of a coastline until you see it from afar. Take a sailing trip for the best views of the rugged coast.

A sailing trip is a fun and relaxing way to spend the day. We sailed along the coast of Abel Tasman National Park exploring secluded beaches and witnessing unique rock formations.

Looking for something to do New Zealand

But most importantly, we had the opportunity to captain the boat! We went skydiving, kayaking, sailing and we flew a stunt plane there. If you want to a good view take a cruise and hiking day trip in Abel Tasman National Park. All kinds of different whales migrate through these waters and chances of spying several are very good! We not only saw humpback whales, we saw killer whales too! Plus, Whale Watch Kaikoura is the only place where visitors can encounter the chance to see Giant Sperm Whales all year long!

There are many places to experience jet boating in New Zealand with the most famous being in the Queenstown area. We took a few in the country through backwaters, rivers and out to sea, but one of our favourites was The Luxmore Jetboat Experience.

Looking for something to do New Zealand

It offered some thrills and spills through Fiordland National Park. And we saw some more LOTR movie sets to boot! Located on the west coast of the South Island, the Pancake Rocks of Punakaiki are an awesome place to visit. Science tells us that during the ice age, water that had seeped into the rock expanded splitting the massive formation in half.

Scientists claim that the Moeraki boulders were formed millions of years ago due to muddy sediments slowly forming the boulders through erosion, wave action and landslide. They are a fascinating sight to see. They offer last minute bookings and easy cancellations. Baldwin Street is located in Dunedin and is a short meter 1, ft walk, but it rises a whopping 30 meters 98feet in that short time.

From Queenstown head out on an epic drive to Central Otago located an hour and forty five minutes from the city. This region is known for its world-class pinot noir wines but there are plenty of other things to do here as well.

Looking for something to do New Zealand

Top things to do here besides wine tasting are cycling along the old rail trail, a heritage cruise down the Clutha River, or the ferrari experience at the Highlands Motorsyport Park. Christchurch has come a long way since the Earthquake. The city has a new funky vibe and things are coming together. We were there just after the earthquake and could tell that it was a beautiful city, even within the rubble.

Local writer Martina Grossi shares how far it has come and shares all of the amazing things to do in Christchurch. The most original and exciting adventure you will ever do in your life is to fly your own stunt plane at Ufly Extreme. My experience was too cool not to leave in.

Looking for something to do New Zealand

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