Mwm looking for cure

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Keep updated with the latest in the industry, health tips and more. Tennis elbow aka lateral epicondylitis can be one of the most frustrating injuries you can get with a common pattern of recovery anywhere between 3 months and 2 years. Pain is located on the outside of the elbow the lateral epicondyle hence the lateral epicondylitis.

It can be distilled into a few key areas. It can be so annoying that if you have your arm bent for a while then try and straighten it can be really painful. People describe being asleep and getting woken up when trying to straighten their elbow. If you have tennis elbow and someone attempts to shake your hand, you look at them with shear terror knowing the pain you are about to receive.

Opening doors, picking up a bag or around 99, other activities that involve gripping with your wrist. Did I mention you can also get it from tennis? Mostly the back hand or serve if anyone is interested. So what causes it? You can nearly always trace it to a sudden overload of something involving excessive gripping of the wrist.

Mwm looking for cure

For example, if you decided to get on the power tools for a weekend on a background of minimal power tool use, that could do it. Or, if you were down two sets to love and decided you would keep playing tennis until you won a set. That could do it too. Sometimes it becomes mildly uncomfortable but over a series of weeks it continues to get worse.

Actually, it normally involves the tendon of the muscles that extend your wrist. It particularly affects a little muscle called extensor carpi radialis which is deed to lock your wrist into place while you do things with your wrist.

If the load is too much for the tendon then the tendons structure starts to change, abnormal blood vessels grow into it and the collagen makeup begins to change. So what does that mean? Simply restore your pain free grip strength and mobility.

We know that one of the key ingredients to this puzzle is exercise. The exercises we prescribe need to be pain free and start slowly. Exercises should definitely not be painful.

Mwm looking for cure

We call this good load. Bad load is when it hurts. Exercise 1: Isometric grip strength: This exercise must be pain free. I would recommend starting with your elbow bent in this position. Aim for 30 seconds. If this is easy, try 1 minute. The most I would recommend is 3 x 1 minute.

If you are finding that is just too much try it every second day. Exercise 2: This is another great exercise to try but you must be able to do the first exercise pain free before progressing. Use a hammer or something similar.

Mwm looking for cure

Do this with the arm bent at 90 degrees. Exercise 3: This is another great exercise. You can pick up one of these flex bars from the clinic. Do 2 x 6 to 8 slowly. Every time you go to bend or straighten your elbow it can hurt. Normally if you were to pick something up with your elbow straight, palm down in a grip type motion it will hurt the most.

Mwm looking for cure

Modifying your pick up position with a bent elbow and hand in neutral will help. This is how to apply it. We actually do a great taping in the clinic. We can teach you how to tape which is more effective in the first few weeks so if you live in the area of Sydney come in. Believe it or not there is a lot of scientific evidence to show a direct correlation in tennis elbow and pain or stiffness of the neckshoulder and trunk! It is also possible have a nerve get caught around your outside elbow called your radial nerve. If there is occasional burning, or a deep ache then I would consider this to be a potential nerve entrapment.

So there you have it. You can get started on the basics of managing your tennis elbow. Located in the heart of Bondi Beach, at Balance in Motion we are passionate about getting you out of pain and back to the active lifestyle you love. We will give you rapid pain relief, get you an accurate diagnosis and devise a plan with you to solve your pain, movement and more. Welcome to our Blog. Tennis Elbow Cause So what causes it? So what is the tennis elbow cure? It can be distilled into a few Mwm looking for cure areas Exercise We know that one of the key ingredients to this puzzle is exercise.

Here is a progression. Peroneal Tendonitis: What is it? Been Given the Shoulder Bursitis or Last Name. How can we help?

Mwm looking for cure

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